Hi there!

Today is the last day that I can write about the summer courses for children because tomorrow is the last day of class!

This week we have done different activities related to different storybooks.

On Monday, we started with the three little pigs. As they all know the story, they organised themselves to explain it to the teacher. Then, they played the three little pigs board game. It was the first time that they played this game and they liked it so much! After this, the teacher explained them The true story of the three little pigs, and they were amazed of that change of perspective!

On Tuesday, they saw the video of The smartest giant in town, a storybook about a giant who is so kind that he gives all his new clothes to other animals. Then, these animals create a poem for him. And that’s the poem that our students learnt. Each of them had a part of the poem and they had to perform it creating all the material that they needed. Read more


Here am I, ready to show you more activities that we have done!

On Thursday we created some masks related to the song “a dragon on the doorstep“. Apart from creating them with different materials, we did a small representation of the song. Here you can see them preparing the masks:



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Hello! Here we are! We are Gemma, Júlia, Mar, Asser, Arnau and Pol.

We want to tell you some of the activities we did (apart from the ones that we explained on Tuesday).

We talked about TV programs and we invented our own one. We invented it, we created a poster and we prepared a presentation. Here you can see the pictures:


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Hello! We are Júlia, Arnau, Asser, Gemma and Maria, the teacher. Yesterday, we started the summercourse and we want to show you some different activities that we have done.

First of all, we started talking about ourselves and then talking about robots and technology. We created a robot with toilet paper rolls. We built them and we painted all the structure. It was really funny!


After the robots activity we saw an american’s got talent video and we commented each talented person. They were amazing! Of course, we decided to do our own talent show and that’s what we did this morning after having prepared it beforehand at home. Gemma sang a song, Júlia danced, Asser whistled and Arnau played with the spinning top.

Now, we’ve just seen an ukraine’s got talent video. There was a woman creating different landscapes with sand! And that’s what we are doing now, we are creating a landscape with many material from the academy. Of course, all the communication is in English!

Here you can see the result:




See you soon!




Hi everyone!

We are the P4 students from l’Arrabassada. During these weeks we’ve been working and learning about the animals and the colors. How? We started with a story called “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell. It’s about a girl who wants a new pet and writes a letter to the zoo asking them if they can send her an animal. The zoo sends her a lot of animals: an elephant, a giraffe, a camel, a lion… but she thinks they aren’t good enough for being pets. Finally, the zoo sends her a dog and it’s the perfect pet!

We’ve learned about the colors too, connecting them with the animals: the frog is green, the elephant is grey…

This has been the last week working on it and we’ve created our own zoo. We’ve colored the animals, always asking for the crayons to the teacher in English.


We are also learning how to ask “What’s your name?” and answer: My name is…. And how to ask: “How are you today?” and answer: “I’m happy/I’m sad/I’m hungry”.

In fact, it’s been a good month for us! It’s been very funny!!!!

Hello everybody!

We are Lucas, Teo, Rubén, Júlia, Jana and Maria.

We want to show you the board game that we have created. It was easy to do and very funny to play.

First of all, we created a draft:

draft image

When we had the draft, we created the board on a cardboard and we stuck some questions about subjects in color papers. We also invented the rules of the game.

The following day we played with our game. Here you can see us ready to enjoy it: Read more

Good afternoon!

Here you can see the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada school doing their first “running dictation”. It is a dictation that a lot of people in the academy know. We spliced the class in small groups. There was a text on the wall and they had to run to it, memorize  part of it, go back running to their group and dictate it to their partners.



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Good afternoon!

We are the 1st graders in Escola l’Arrabassada.

In this image you can see us using stickers to revise the parts of the body. gomets 1rAnd here we show you our skeleton: Read more


Today I’m going to introduce you to the Pre-primary students of La Vitxeta and their two pets. Each group has a pet that overviews all the session. At the end, the pet decides who has been the best-behaved child and it goes to home with him or her, as a present. The students have to return it to class the next session and explain what they have done together.

All the members of the group decided the name of their pet when I introduced them.

They are all very motivated with these teddies and they always try to get a good behavior.

The Monday-Wednesday group has a mouse they called Red-Nose. The Tuesday-Thursday group has a fat cat they called Tom.

2015-01-20 16.13.47