Hello everybody!

We are Lucas, Teo, Rubén, Júlia, Jana and Maria.

We want to show you the board game that we have created. It was easy to do and very funny to play.

First of all, we created a draft:

draft image

When we had the draft, we created the board on a cardboard and we stuck some questions about subjects in color papers. We also invented the rules of the game.

The following day we played with our game. Here you can see us ready to enjoy it: Read more

Good afternoon!

Here you can see the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada school doing their first “running dictation”. It is a dictation that a lot of people in the academy know. We spliced the class in small groups. There was a text on the wall and they had to run to it, memorize  part of it, go back running to their group and dictate it to their partners.



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In the academy, we have been working on food! We started some weeks ago talking about food, healthy and unhealthy food, the diet pyramid… Now, since last week our students have learnt how to act in a restaurant. They have learnt it by roleplaying. Alba was the waitress and Gemma and Asser the custumers.

They were very happy with the idea of being recorded and they have enjoyed a lot during the activity.

I am very glad with the result 🙂

I hope you like the video.

Oh, and do not miss the outtakes!

No perdeu la oportunitat de reservar la vostra plaça a la millor acadèmia d’anglès de Tarragona.

Ja está obert el període de matrícula. Per fer-la efectiva, ompliu el següent formulari i rebreu un email amb les instruccions per fer el pagament.

Recordeu que ens heu de dir l’horari en que podeu anar i donar-nos tanta informació com us sigui possible!

Ah, i recordeu també que ja no estem a Vía de l’Imperi, però continuem al centre de Tarragona! Ens hem mudat al Carrer Sant Francesc 16, oficina 34!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 17.19.49

Last Thursday, the A1+ group started the Music project. We are going to improve our  English through the topic of music (music raging from the sixties to today). 

DSC_1235 (Large)

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Hello everybody!! 🙂

During the second term we worked on the topic of companies, a theme related to the earlier project we did: the world of human resources. In this new one, we worked on “how to create your own company”. As we can see in the pictures, our B1 group in Lockhart Academy created their own advertisement to promote a business they previously set up.

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Tarragona cuenta, a partir de hoy, con un centro para preparar exámenes de Cambridge que utiliza metodologías activas y comunicativas.

Tarragona cuenta, a partir de hoy, con un centro para preparar exámenes de Cambridge que utiliza metodologías activas y comunicativas.

Hoy empezamos el día con una novedad importante: Lockhart Academy se acaba de convertir en centro preparador para exámenes de Cambridge.

Hace unos días compartíamos una información sobre los requisitos de un nivel C1 (Advanced) para el profesorado de inglés de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Las universidades, también requieren que sus alumnos y alumnas de grado certifiquen, como mínimo, un B2 (FCE) para poder tener el título. Estas dos razones nos han convencido para convertirnos en centro preparador oficial para los exámenes de Cambridge.

¿Qué va a suponer esto para nuestro alumnado? Sólo ventajas. Únicamente se presentaran a los exámenes, aquellos alumnos o alumnas que así lo deseen. Nuestra metodología va a seguir siendo la misma. Sabemos que funciona y sabemos que podemos conseguir muy buenos resultados con ella. Nuestras clases de inglés seguirán siendo activas, comunicativas, divertidas y útiles.

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Last Friday was a very interesting day in Lockhart Academy. At 18:00, 7 students from the academy and 1 volunteer showed up ready to have fun and use a lot of English. They had signed up for “Death Wears White”, a role game in which the players have to try to guess, among other things, who committed a murder.

The murder happened in a hospital, so we asked the students to come dressed up as members of this hospital (some like doctors, others like nurses, some other like administrators…).

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A Lockhart Academy som conscients què hi ha molta gent passant uns moments difícils. Sabem que són molts els que voldrien continuar formant-se però la situació económica actual no els hi permet. Coneixem famílies que voldríen que els seus fills i filles anessin a classes d’anglès per poder tenir un futur millor però malauradament no s’ho poden permetre.

Volem aprofitar aquestes dates per donar un petit cop de mà a tota aquesta gent. Volem oferir 5 beques fins a final de curs per a gent que estigui a l’atur i vulgui aprendre anglès de la millor manera possible.


Photo by @sandymillin via #ELTpics

Qui pot participar en aquest sorteig? Qualsevol persona que estigui a l’atur i que no sigui alumne/a de Lockhart Academy.

Com es repartiran les 5 beques? Repartirem una beca per cada grup que tenim a l’acadèmia:

– Una beca per a un nen/a de primer o segon de primària

– Una beca per a un nen/a de tercer o quart de primària

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell inicial (A1 — 1r o 2n de la EOI)

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell intermig (B1 — 3r de la EOI)

– Una beca per a un adult de nivell alt (B2+ ó C1- — 5è de la EOI)


Com es pot participar al sorteig? Hi ha dues opcions:

– A través de la nostra pàgina de Facebook. Qui vulgui participar a través de Facebook ha de ser “seguidor” de Lockhart Academy (que hagi clicat a m’agrada), ha de clicar a m’agrada a la notícia del sorteig, ha de posar el grup en el que estaria interessat/da i ha de compartir al seu mur per què vol participar al nostre sorteig.

– A través del blog i del mail. Qui vulgui participar a través del blog s’ha de subscriure al blog, ha de comentar dins d’aquest post a quin grup li agradaria anar i ens ha d‘enviar un mail a donant-nos les dades de contacte.


El sorteig el farem a la nostra festa de nadal el proper dijous dia 19, així que qui vulgui participar ho ha de fer abans de les 19 hores del dijous!

Molta sort a tots i totes!

Lockhart Academy full Christmas Tree


Sometimes we think that learning English can be boring, but it doesn’t happen in our academy. Here, our students acquire all the skills through different kind of activities. Some of them have improved their communicative skill, and they have also increased their vocabulary knowledge.

2013-07-05 19.28.25

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