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Here you can see the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada school doing their first “running dictation”. It is a dictation that a lot of people in the academy know. We spliced the class in small groups. There was a text on the wall and they had to run to it, memorize  part of it, go back running to their group and dictate it to their partners.



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Last month children from 4th 5th and 6th grade from “Escola la Vitxeta” in Reus were working on the sea animals. They were able to research some information in the computer about their favourite sea animal and then show what they found to the class.


After that, we did a lapbook about the storybook “Sharing a Shell”. The lapbook has the characters of the story and what they do on the story. It also includes a picture of the student’s favourite animal under an envelope, where they can keep whatever they want. And finally, it includes a game similar to rock, paper, scissors, but with the characters of the story.

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No perdeu la oportunitat de reservar la vostra plaça a la millor acadèmia d’anglès de Tarragona.

Ja está obert el període de matrícula. Per fer-la efectiva, ompliu el següent formulari i rebreu un email amb les instruccions per fer el pagament.

Recordeu que ens heu de dir l’horari en que podeu anar i donar-nos tanta informació com us sigui possible!

Ah, i recordeu també que ja no estem a Vía de l’Imperi, però continuem al centre de Tarragona! Ens hem mudat al Carrer Sant Francesc 16, oficina 34!

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Hello students and families,

today we wanted to update the blog by explaining some activities we have done related to science.

During the first term we worked on the topic of volcanoes with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in Lockhart Academy.

First, we introduced this scientific project by doing a hangman. After knowing that they were going to discover more things about the volcanoes, they shared the facts that they already knew about them. They explained them orally and wrote some of the ideas of their previous knowledge on the whiteboard.

As we can see on the following picture they wrote “Santa Margarita volcano”, because two of the students had visited this curious volcano with a church in the middle, in La Garrotxa. Another aspect that they commented and wrote was that most of the volcanoes are found in islands and that, when they erupt, the islands, the wildlife, all the animals and all the trees disappear.

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Last Friday was a very interesting day in Lockhart Academy. At 18:00, 7 students from the academy and 1 volunteer showed up ready to have fun and use a lot of English. They had signed up for “Death Wears White”, a role game in which the players have to try to guess, among other things, who committed a murder.

The murder happened in a hospital, so we asked the students to come dressed up as members of this hospital (some like doctors, others like nurses, some other like administrators…).

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These last weeks we’ve been working on companies and entrepreneurship in Lockhart Academy.

At the beginning we started speaking about a very famous and successful businessman: Steve Jobs. We described this image (without saying who the man in the picture was) twice and then we asked the students to rewrite the description in groups:

Taken from -ombreenelcielo

Image of Steve Jobs

Then, we asked the students to tell us what companies are successful in Tarragona and why. These are some that came up:

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Sometimes we think that learning English can be boring, but it doesn’t happen in our academy. Here, our students acquire all the skills through different kind of activities. Some of them have improved their communicative skill, and they have also increased their vocabulary knowledge.

2013-07-05 19.28.25

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Our children, the last weeks, travelled around the world visiting different types of ecosystems. Firstly, they took their swimsuits and swam and dived in a beautiful ocean with lots of coral and awesome fish: the coral reef.

In this stop, they learned new animal names and how an ecosystem is distributed.

In this picture, they are coloring typical animals that there are in this zone, as clownfish, sharks, sea horses and of course, coral.

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Our first graders were dealing with meals and food.

At the beginning they learnt some vocabulary about food through the SHOPPING CART. Every week they had to bring some food in an envelope and show it to the classmates. Thank you to all the FAMILIES to collaborate on it!

2013-04-24 18.07.33

OH! What about the fridge game? They love it! To play this game, children join in pairs. One is the manager and, without showing it, he or she has to put some food in the fridge. The other person has to ask questions to guess what food inside the fridge is. In this game they have fun but… THEY SPEAK AND PRACTISE THE LANGUAGE A LOT! This is something really important! CONGRATULATIONS CHILDREN!

2013-04-25 18.54.11             2013-04-25 18.53.59


To finish with the food, last session our 1rst graders had to create a restaurant:

  1. First they had to decide the name and the food they wanted to offer.
  2. Second they had to buy the food at the supermarket.
  3. Then they had to design the menu for their restaurant.
  4. Last, they had to present their menu to the rest of the class.

All the process has been done in ENGLISH of course, but the most amazing thing is that all the questions they had, they asked them in ENGLISH.

2013-05-02 18.56.30   2013-05-02 18.56.59  2013-05-02 19.24.12

These kids are very intelligent!


2013-05-02 19.40.31

Some weeks ago, in facebook we came across a very interesting webpage where they used the “Rory’s Story Cubes” to create interesting short stories. This page directed us to a blog where they regularly publish stories created from the results of the dice. Read more