From mid-January till mid-February, the students from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades studied the theme HomeThey had lessons related to rooms, furniture and accessories, and different locations and positions. During the last two sessions, they worked on their projects. They collaborated in small groups to create a room, which they had to fill in with different furniture and accessories. Then, they described their rooms and presented them. Each group had different rooms which were later joined into a house.

Students really enjoyed the project because they could combine both creativity and English to produce a unique piece of art. We are very proud of their results!

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During the past two weeks, the main topic of the lessons was Animals. So, the students from 4th and 5th grades have been learning names of various animals, their body parts, different coverings, and living environments. The last lesson was dedicated to the project which included all the elements that they had learned in the previous lessons. The students had to imagine that they were zoologists who had discovered new animals. Every student had to create an animal, and then write a short description including the animal’s name, its appearance, habitat, and nourishment. After that, they had to present their animals to the classmates.

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Let’s see what the 6th graders did for Christmas.

One day, in the classroom, I told them that we had to start creating something for Christmas. After giving them some ideas, one student said: “What if we create a TV news program?”. So this is what we did.

We made four groups and each group had to create something depending on the topic they had to talk about:

  • International News
  • The Weather
  • European News
  • Sports

They worked very well in groups! I allowed them to look for images on the internet to place them on the screen while they were speaking (you will see it later!). Although the quality of the board wasn’t so good, the result was amazing!

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Hello everyone!!!

I want to tell you what we are doing with one of the groups in the Academy.

We decided to work through a project this year so… we started to think how we wanted to do it!

First of all  we did a brainstorm, and we thought about things we’d like to know about: films, music, New York, London… but finally we decided to talk about TV series and films.

So before starting we made a glog through the program glogster. A glog is like a poster but virtual, where you can add videos, music, clipart, text and pictures.

They included information about their favorite movies and TV series.


Follow the link to see Gemma’s glog and Asser’s glog.

After that, we planned a little bit what we wanted to know about movies. For example:

  • When did the cinema appear?
  • Who did the first film?
  • How many people do you need to create a film?

Moreover, we decided that our final project would be about creating a short film, but first we need to know how to do it!

So we keep working on it! Keep coming to the blog to see how we’re doing!

See you soon!



Let me explain you what we are working on in the academy…

During the last month we’ve remembered the traditional stories through books like “The true story of the Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka. We’ve worked very hard! Well…we’ve been playing too and having fun! now you’ll see.

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