Now that you know what the 3rd and 4th graders did when they went to space, I am telling you what de 5th and 6th graders did.

They started with a brainstorm about space vocabulary and then, they watched this very funny video. I love this youtube channel!

Maybe you think it’s a very difficult song (and you are not wrong), but the children could understand and sing it.

I gave the information of every planet to every child, so everyone had one, but the information was unsorted. So, they had to put it in order and after that, explain to the others how their planet was. There appeared some words that they didn’t understand and they had to guess the meaning with the context. In fact, these words will be part of an activity for the following days (Fire at will).

When they finally discovered the characteristics of every planet, we all sang the song together! It was so crazy because the song is veeeeeeery fast and the rap part is so difficult to sing, but we had a lot of fun!

After the song, we introduced the galaxies. They told me what a galaxy is and what the name of ours is. Then, we did this “Science class”.

Once we knew what the Milky Way was, I asked them for its history. I mean, do you know why our galaxy is called Milky Way? Well, to know it, we did a running dictation with the explanation.

But wait… do you know what a running dictation is? It is a pairs game where the teacher hangs a text on one of the classroom walls and one of each pair has to memorize parts of it and run to his or her mate to dictate them.

It is very entertaining. The children learn new vocabulary while they are running and doing a competition. Moreover, this activity caters for the different kind of learnings: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. At the end they were all very tired…

(The pictures are moved because they were running a lot!)

The text they had to dictate, about the story of the Milky Way is this (adapted from Wikipedia):

One legend of the Milky Way says that it was created by Heracles when he was a baby. His parents were Zeus and Alcmene, but Zeus was married to Hera. Zeus decided to let the infant suckle on his divine wife Hera’s milk when she was asleep, to give him good qualities.  When she woke up and saw that she was breastfeeding a baby that wasn’t hers, she pushed him away and all her milk became the Milky Way.

When they finished, we read the myth and we had to create a Greek Gods family tree, because their lives were like soap operas!!

Finally, similarly to the 3rd and 4th graders, I made them a question: How would you catch a star? And they did the same activity as the other group: in groups, they invented a situation where they had to catch a star. Look!

To compare their stories to the Oliver Jeffer’s story, we watched this stop motion short film.

My idea was to finish the topic here and start with Christmas, but they really liked the Oliver Jeffer’s story and they proposed me to do a storytelling. I was amazed because of their effort so I couldn’t say no. They did a very good work!

I am really happy and proud of this group. They have worked hard and they have improved a lot their English. I hope that they enjoyed the classes like I did and that they have the same perception than me.

See you in the Christmas post!