We have finished the English course in La Vitxeta. All the students have worked a lot during the year, but especially these last months, because they had to prepare the final festival!

The Pre-Primary students were learning things about the day and the night. So, we decided to sing two songs: the Sun Song and the Moon Song. Moreover, they prepared their own costumes.

To make the sun, first, they drew a big circle in a yellow cardboard and they cut it. Then, they made their face size in the middle of the circle and they cut it too. After that, they had to draw their hands in orange and red papers and they had to stick them onto the yellow circle as if the fingers were the sunbeams.

To create the moon, they wrapped a cardboard moon with aluminium foil. They learnt the vocabulary related to the material and they always asked for it in English.

But they not only made their costumes, they also helped the biggest students create their attrezzo. And they enjoyed it a lot!

The day of the festival they were awesome! They did a very good show and I am very proud of them because they acted very, very, very well!

1st, 2nd and 3rd graders

The festival was about the jungle and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders sang the song Walking in the jungle.

Here you have the link in case you want to hear it:

They also prepared decorations for the festival. They did the animals that appeared in the song, they made some plants and a huge palm tree! Also, they did their own binoculars and they decorated them with paint and stickers.

Their performance was funny and nice and I’m very happy because they worked a lot to prepare it!

4th, 5th and 6th graders

After Easter, the big ones have been learning about dangerous and curious jobs. One of them was the woodcutter, which they knew from the second term. Did you know that woodcutters can also be called lumberjacks and logging workers?

So, for the Festival, we chose a song about the woodcutters that work in the jungle. We were running short on time, so we invested all the last classes to rehearse the festival and we did a very good job! They were a lot of children but everyone got his/her sentence and they all did a great effort!

The small ones helped us with the wooden logs so it would look more realistic.

This small theatre play was the end of a very enriching course during which we have learnt a lot while having fun!


Here you can see the two presentations we showed during the festivals. These presentations include images of some of the activities that we did with the kids:

We want to thank all of La Vitxeta team: the AMIPA, the teachers, the students, the parents… Thanks for trusting us and we hope to see you next year. Happy summer!

CIMG4369 IMG-20150601-WA0005

PS: La Vitxeta has published the News of our festival on their webpage!!!

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