Hello, families!

The students of 2nd grade of L’Arrabassada talked about animals last term.

They started with a very funny story: Silly Suzy Goose by Petr Horacék. They liked it very much and they laughed a lot while I was reading it. Then, we watched its film.

Don’t you think it is hilarious?

Once we introduced some different animals and their actions, we classified some animals in mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. It was very interesting! I explained to them some chatacteristics of each group and they collaborated classifying more and more animals. They learned a lot!

Then, we sang a song of animals! Watch it, sing it and dance it!

With this song, they could see that animals are very different and they can also live in different places!

They also did some activities related to animal body parts. They already knew the basic ones: head, eyes, tail… But we did a file where they discovered more parts of the animal bodies like: paws, scales, claws, tentacles, shell… Look at them working on it.

After that, we explained another story about animals: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. They loved this story! They thought the mouse was very wise and thanks to that, he wasn’t eaten by the other animals.

We did a lot of activities related to The Gruffalo: connect some points to discover a gruffalo, write the name of the parts of his body and the funniest activity… A running dictation! If you still don’t know what it is, I will explain it to you! It is like a competition where, in pairs, they have to dictate to their mate something that is hung on the wall outside the classroom. They have to do it very fast and correctly if they want to win. It was really, really funny! They laughed a lot and at the end, they were so tired! Look at their pictures. Try not to laugh.

Other of the activities they did and they did it really fantastic it was learning a song.

Finally, as they knew a lot of thing about the gruffalo, we watched its short film. It is so nice! Watch it if you have time!

I would like to add that some of the groups created their own The Gruffalo book to bring it to home with their pet, because they had already finished the round with Silly Suzy Goose. Their books were amazing!

We hope you enjoyed this post.

See you soon,