The students of Sant Salvador have worked about the inventions. First, they had design a new invention and defend it in front of the class. Then, by pairs, they had to create another new invention reusing some waste material.

They worked hard and the results were awesome. Do you want to see their inventions? Look!

Marta and Laia Guerrero created the B-Robot ML.

2015-05-29 17.14.14

This invention would help disabled and old people. Why and how? This mini person has two buttons: with the first, the invention gives the person in need all they ask for. For example, a wheelchair. With the second button, the person who looks after the other can ask for something. So, this object not only helps one person, but more.

You can get this invention in different colours: pink, blue, red, purple, yellow, green and orange and you can decide if you want a boy model or a girl model. In fact, there’s an offer and it’s that you can buy two for the price of one.

Price: 50€ (including credit card, repayment or with the Corte Ingles card).

Laia Zaforas, Rosa and Eric created Abda Junior.

2015-05-29 17.22.08

This is a breakdance toy that teaches you how to dance it. But this is not the only thing it can do! It can dance while it juggles, this is why the toy has a mobile phone and a printer in its hands.

There’s only one model: it’s tall, slim and rectangular, it is a bit crazy, it’s “cani” and it’s wearing a cap.

Price: 20€

Leire and Paula created Norcha, although you can call it as you want.

2015-05-29 17.43.21

It is an invention for students or business people. You can use it to put  your pens or office materials inside, but the most incredible thing is not this! This object can help you with your homework and your exams! When you read a difficult question, it answers it very quickly and, to not have problems in your exams, it has a headphones connection under its feet.

As you can see, the model is very handsome, but you can decide if you want a man, a woman, a child or a dog. The function is the same.

Price: 10€

Alexia and Andrea created the Psychologist Mobile Phone.

2015-05-29 17.44.33  2015-05-29 18.07.34

This invention is for people who have anxiety or nervous problems. It’s like a big mobile phone (as the first our parents had) but when you feel very nervous and you need to get relaxed, you can destroy it, throw it to the floor, trample on it… It could help you be more relaxed. The best part is that when you get better, it turns back into its real shape and size.

Price: 1 cent of euro

They did a very good job and I felt that they were enjoying the activity, using their creativity and imagination and, of course, improving their English. So, once you’ve seen their inventions, which one do you think is the best?

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