Hello, families!

Do you want to see your little snowmen? Loot at them!

They were very cute and funny! They said that they were like Olaf from Frozen!

During this month, they also have created a snowman using cloth-pins! First, they painted the cloth-pins in white and then, they made the face using moving eyes and a red sticker. Finally, they chose the colour of their scarves! Take a look!

But what your children really did during this month was preparing a song to show you. The song was I’m a little snowman by Super Simple Songs. They were awesome! They learned the song and the danced very fast and they always asked me to practise it because they loved it! Then, we recorded a video of them performing the song and dressing up as snowmen!

Finally, they received their own folders from the academy and their grades. They were very happy with this present!

I hope you have a nice holidays time and all your wishes come true.