Here we are! the 5th graders from l’Arrabassada.

These weeks we’ve been working with a storybook called “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka. It’s not the story everybody knows…it’s the real story which shows us the Wolf’s version. After the storytelling we started working hard with the vocabulary and with the characters. We had to match some words that described the characters with them. We also worked in groups, trying to sorting sentences by reading them and organizing the story.

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To sump up, we joined in groups and each group had a mission: they had to explain the end of the story trying to defend one character of the story. I’m going to explain it better: there were 3 groups. One group had to defend the Wolf because they were his friends, the second group had to defend the pigs because they were their friends. And finally there was a group working and explaining the end of the story as journalists.

It was very difficult but they did it very well!

See you soon!!

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