Hi, there! How are you?

The children of P4 and P5 of L’Agulla have been working the storybook of The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle. With this story, the children reviewed the days of the week and some food like apple, pear, plum, lollipop… But they also learned something about science: the metamorphosis!

When I told them the story, I only did it until the caterpillar makes its cocoon and “goes to sleep”. So, we did some activities related to this first part of the process.

First of all, the children painted their own caterpillar using toilet paper rolls and when they finished them, their caterpillars “went to sleep” as the caterpillar from the story. Look at the pictures I took of them!

To do that, I showed them some caterpillars to give them ideas about how they could be.


Returning to the caterpillar from the story, they created their very hungry caterpillar using their hands as paintbrushes! It was veeery funny and they enjoyed it a lot! They loved getting paint on themselves!

They did some activities about the days of the week and the food that the caterpillar ate, too.

When they finished all the activities of the caterpillar, I told them the last part of the story. The part where the caterpillar becomes a very beautiful butterfly!

So, we awoke their toilet paper roll caterpillars and they transformed them into butterflies by creating their wings!

I had some problems with the pictures of the final butterflies, but I can claim that they were great! They did an incredible work and they learned a lot during the classes! They are improving so much their English and I am very proud of them.

See you soon,