In La Vitxeta, the Pre-Primary students have listened to the story of the very hungry caterpillar. If you don’t know the story: it’s the story of a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, so it explains the metamorphosis process.

At the beginning, they only listened to the first part of the tale, until the animal “goes to sleep” inside its cocoon. Then, they made a caterpillar that they could eat!

2015-01-13 16.49.42 2015-01-13 16.50.08 2015-01-14 16.55.31

After that, they started to create a caterpillar with toilet paper rolls. They painted them and put them the antennas and the eyes.

At the end, they saw that if the caterpillar went to sleep, the next day it would be a butterfly. So, they created two wings and helped their caterpillar in their transformation.

2015-01-22 16.56.11 2015-01-26 17.00.44

They enjoyed the activities and they learned some new vocabulary related to food, but their favorite word they have learned is: CHEEEEEESE!


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