Hello all!

Last term the 6th graders in the Academy had a wonderful project that they enjoyed a lot. It took them some months to complete but they liked very much! They studied wild animals. We discovered strange animals and they learnt vocabulary related to this topic. For example, how to describe them, etc.

And at the beginning of the term one of them received this folder:

Animal Research Project Folder

In the folder they found the instructions for the project, one worksheet and one book.

First, they needed to read the book at home, explain it to one member of the family or one friend.

Then, they had to complete the worksheet: find a wild animal in the city and take a picture of it and do a little bit of research about it. They had to write information about the animal such as lifespan, food that it eats, where it lives, etc.

Finally, they had to bring it back to class, share it with the rest of the students and then, another person took the project back home.

Here you can see some pictures:

Up to this point, we knew quite a lot about animals. We did some activities about them. For example, we invented strange animals, like the “dooster”, that was a mixture of rooster and dog! We worked with flashcards with names of wild animals from all around the world, their habitat and other information.

Did you know the Sunda Colugo, the Vampire Squid, the Muscox? Well, we know now!

We also played a board game called Fauna. We were quite good at it since we knew a lot of information about animals. It was nice to see that some of the animals we had studied appeared in the game. In this game, they had the name and the picture of an animal and they had to guess the weight, the height, were it lives, etc and bet. It was really funny!

And finally, the students started the Zoo Project. For this project, they had to create a zoo. But, of course, it was not a very common zoo. In our zoo animals were living freely! And the students invented all about it, from the animals that were going to live in our zoo, to the facilities of the zoo: they even created a swimming pool were you can swim with the animals! They wrote the descriptions, made lists of the materials they needed… and they started with the crafts!

It was a lot of work but the result was incredible! Here you have some pictures:

They enjoyed this project a lot.

We hope you do it too.