All the phases in our lifes have an end… and this is the end of my phase in this academy.

I have been working here during some years, I have met lots of children and lots of teachers, I have learned very much with all of you.

I started in 2013 in La Vitxeta (Reus). I only spent one term there, because then I moved to other country, but they were my first experience as an English teacher.

Then, when I came back from my trip, I returned to La Vitxeta (Reus), but this time, I had the Pre-Primary groups! The first time in my life with very young children! And I think that was a very good experience that, in fact, made me rethink studying Pre-Primary Education. Also that year (2015), I had the opportunity of working in my neighbourhood, Sant Salvador, with teenagers! It was a fantastic experience!

My third year (2015-2016) I was in L’Arrabassada (Tarragona) and also in the academy. In both places, I taught the groups of Pre-Primary (I loved them!) and also 5th grade in L’Arrabassada. Here I also started with storytellings. I remember I told the story of How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers.

Last year I was in L’Agulla (El Catllar) and I was teaching all the groups of the school: from P3 to 6th grade. It was very challenging for me, but I learned more than ever! I was very lucky because the people in that school were incredibly kind with me and they helped me a lot.

I did some storytellings in L’Arrabassada as well…

And I worked with adults for the first time!! I spent three months teaching the workers of FM Logistics in Valls.

Finally, my last year arrived. I started in L’Arrabassada and I was very lucky because I had the same groups as two years ago, but two years older! Haha! It was very funny when we saw each other again. Some of them remembered me, some didn’t and others thought my face looked familiar… haha!

I wanted to explain all of this because thanks to all these people, schools and teachers I became the teacher who I am right now. I need to learn more, but all of you have been part of this process.

I want to thank all the children, from the first year until this one because they showed me why I chose this job.

Thanks to La Vitxeta, L’Arrabassada, L’Agulla, Lockhart Academy, FM Logistics, AMPA Sant Salvador, even Colla Jove dels Xiquets de Valls for helping me when I needed anything.

Many thanks also to Ainhoa Huguet, Blanca Prinzivalli, Nilda Sas, Xavi, Jordi Castro, Marta Leo, Cristina Rodríguez, Eli Lahoz, Marta Masip, Melanie de la Peña, Gemma Melià, Marta Bonavila and Mary Cabello for walking with me during this years.

And of course, I want to thank Edward Lockhart for giving me the chance of being part of the BEST ACADEMY OF TARRAGONA!

Best wishes,