Hello, families, how are you?

I’m going to tell you what the children of P4 and P5 have been working on during the beginning of this season.

First of all, I told them the story Today is Monday by Eric Carle. In this story, they saw some different animals like a hedgehog, a snake, a fox… and different food (string beans, chicken, fresh fish…). They could say which food they liked or not and what was their favorite one.

But the most important part of this storybook for us was the days of the week. Thanks to this book, they learned the name of every day and they sang this song:

This song was always the warm up activity when they started the class. But do you want to know how they learned the days of the week?

In the story of Today is Monday by Eric Carle, each day is related to an animal and food. So, the children were able to do it in the same way. For example, if I said them: “Spaguetti!”, they answered: “Tuesday!”. It has been a very visual way to remember the name of the days, but it also was an auditory and kinaesthetic way, because they had to learn a dance and a song of it. Do you want to see them? Look!

I hope you like how we have learned the days of the week and I encourage you to ask them every day which day it is by saying: “Today is…” and showing the quantity of fingers of every day:

1 finger: Monday

2 fingers: Tuesday

3 fingers: Wednesday

4 fingers: Thursday

5 fingers: Friday

6 fingers: Saturday

7 fingers: Sunday

See you very soon,