Good afternoon boys and girls!

After having been working the jobs and the places where they work and the directions, first and third graders have done a BIG and EXPERIENTIAL activity that summarizes all the contents: a CITY!

They were distributed in pairs and one in each couple had a character. They had to give instructions each other (go ahead 3 steps, turn right/left, stop) to arrive to the correct place. When they arrived, they checked the character with the place he/she works and also they have to say the names out loud.

IMG-20130315-WA0002 2013-03-13 18.12.25 IMG-20130314-WA0008

One of the most interesting activities to introduce and organize all these contents was the DIAGRAM, where the children had to match the jobs with their corresponding material they use. Some materials could be used in more than one job, so it was a good way to introduce communicative situations and to negotiate the meaning.

2013-02-13 18.42.24


And their favorite activity: WHO IS WHO? In pairs, they had to ask questions to each other to guess the other’s job questioning about the objects that they had been working before.



2013-02-20 18.32.01

Is a boy or a girl?

Is he/she wearing a (hat, blue trousers…)?

Does he/she works with..(animals, fire, patients…)?

And, last but not least, I would like to share with all of you a special surprise. The last day, Marc, a first grader student, did a MAGIC TRICK with his magic wand! Marc, you are an artist and a really good magician, congratulations! 😉



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