Hello everyone!

After Easter we have worked with jobs with the two groups of 4th and 5th graders of La Vitxeta. First we talked about curious jobs. Can you believe there are people who get money to eat chocolate? And who hasn’t dreamed to be an astronaut?

Playing Memory with one group

But later we also talked about dangerous jobs. For example, firefighters risk their lives to rescue people and extinguish fires with fire hoses, and tower workers fix problems with antennas so we can watch TV at home (they use harnesses to avoid falling).

Playing Memory with one of the groups

We learned the objects that each job uses. For example, submarine chefs use ovens to cook for the people who live in the submarine during many months. And lumberjacks (people who cut giant trees) use chain saws to work faster. The children learned a lot of vocabulary while having fun and playing games.

Submarine chef

They enjoyed the topic! We learned a lot of jobs and some of the kids found a new dream job! Don’t be scared if your son or daughter now wants to be a private detective…

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