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We open here a new post to explain you how the 3rd and 4th graders in Escola l’Arrabassada enjoyed being Master Chefs last term.

We started learning a bit about the meals we eat during the day (breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner) and trying to see what they knew about food.

After that we explained a story written by Allan Ahlberg and called “The Runaway Dinner” (you can see the story below, explained by The storyteller from Oxford, England). It was very funny because they had to imitate the story with gestures!

One of the main things we learned was how to see the difference between fruits and vegetables and of course, to learn their names! (this is something we are still learning now).

There was an activity where we discovered where the fruits and vegetables we buy in the supermarket come from. We divided the class into groups and each group had pictures of the food and maps. They had cards spread around the classroom with the name of the food, the origin and the price per kilo.

What did they have to do? They had  to remember the name of the fruit and vegetable they had, check the cards, speak with the group and find out where the country of origin was in the map.

After knowing where the products come from, we tried to mix English with maths. Each of them had different products to buy and sell. They had to find the people who had the products they needed and sell the products they had. To do it, they had to use a lot the language! It was very nice to see how they were using English!

Soon we will write the second part of the post… Come back often or subscribe to read it!

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