Let me explain you what we are working on in the academy…

During the last month we’ve remembered the traditional stories through books like “The true story of the Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka. We’ve worked very hard! Well…we’ve been playing too and having fun! now you’ll see.

Before starting with Hansel and Gretel the pupils had a lot of pictures and they had to join them with the words. After knowing the story they had to remember it and put the sentences in the correct order to check the story. We also did a hard work trying to defend the pig and the wolf by writing (in their own words) which was their point of view and why the character they had chosen was innocent. We also had a journalist that had to explain the story for her newspaper. Of course, they had to explain what they wrote and we all decided who prepared it better (they all did it excellent!).

We had time to play too… We played: “Who am I?”, a game in which you have a picture on your forehead and you have to guess what you are by only asking “yes or no” questions.

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