Hello everybody!

Do you know how 1rst graders are working jobs and occupations?

During the first session, children started to work with the new vocabulary doing games and TPR activities. They were able to match some objects with jobs. They realized that some jobs have the same objects. To make them easier, we used some Venn diagrams.


During the following session we worked with some characters, and they helped the kids to find their jobs. With that material, we played different games in which children had to speak.


  1. We listened to the song: PEOPLE WORK and put in order all the characters.
  2. We found someone who was a doctor: In this activity children went around the class asking questions to their classmates in order to find one person. Each one had an Identity Card, and another card with the name of a job.
  3. Who is who?


We are very happy with how they are learning and how they have fun with all the activities!

We hope you like it too!

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