Some days ago we told you that we had purchased a set of Story Cubes for Lockhart Academy. We started using them to create random stories. We rolled the dice and each student had to write their own story or they had to do this by pairs.

Two more sets of Story Cubes!The other day we took this activity one step further. We gave one die to each student and they had to roll it to write a first paragraph with that first image. When all 4 students had finished that paragraph, we asked them to pass their papers to the right. This way, all the students received a paper with the first paragraph of a story. They had to read it, roll their die again and continue the story including the image in the die. This went on for a total of 4 times.

At the end, we had 4 different stories, with 4 completely different plots but all written by the same 4 people in an amazingly funny and interesting collaborative way.

The students, as you can see in the pictures worked a lot:

 We write with the help of a bilingual dictionary Third paragraph of the story, third person writing

All the students deep inside their stories

A student scrutinizing the cube

Students were really motivated to right

One of the students very concentrated in his story

A2 first paragraph

A2 students getting ready for storytelling

The following days we will be posting the different stories the students both from Adults A2 and Adults B2 created. Some of them will be audio files and some others will be texts.

We hope you like the activity and the stories as much as the students liked creating them!

Keep checking for forthcoming updates!


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