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Xmas projects

Hello there!

They really put a lot of effort into their Xmas projects this year as they had to write and narrate their own Xmas story.  In order to do so, they had two options: to choose the pictures or to draw them themselves.

They all turned out great and they had fun in the process.



Eudald, Guillem & Jordi –> Santa in summer

Lina, María, Anna & Beth –> The 3 wise men and Santa Claus

Carla &Julia –> A  story of two friends

Mariona, Zoe & Irene –> A magical night



Noa & Mariona –> Santa’s helpers

Quique, Bernat, Dario & Jan –> Xmas time

Andreu, Hugo & Salvi –> A trip to the North Pole

Hope you enjoyed them!


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