Hello families!

Today the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada and Teacher Melanie want to show you some activities we have been doing about an object that all of you use daily: TV!

First, we learnt that there are different genres of movies and programmes. For example: sports, romantic, drama, horror, music, news…

To practice that, we played different games. For example, in two teams, one of them had to pick up a flashcard from a box and improvise a scene taking into account the genre of the film or programme. The rest of them had to guess it. They had a lot of fun! Here you have a picture:

To finish the lesson, they designed a real TV and, in pairs or small groups, they created the dialogues of the different sections that their TV programme has.

Are you ready families? Take some popcorn, here you have their amazing videos, have fun!

We hope you like them, see you soon!

4th graders and Teacher Melanie

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