We are proud to announce that in our academy we celebrated Easter and the Father’s day. It’s wonderful to see how children enjoy doing activities related to these important celebrations and learn English at the same time.

First, they learned the English way to celebrate Easter with an amazing Prezi and “The Mischievous Easter Bunny” story. In this story, our bunny was quite lazy but at the end, he could have all the decorated eggs and the happiness of all children.

1 2


After the story, we prepared some materials. The first one, it was a special egg with some cardboards and clothespins. When they opened it, a very little chick was inside.



Our students love a lot of people, but right before the Easter holidays, there was one certain day in which the person they loved the more was… THEIR FATHER!

Don’t you think they deserve a present? In Lockhart Academy, we created a funny tie card out of cardboard, imagination and effort.

IMG_20130319_192333 IMG_20130319_192351


Remember, fun and English can go together!!!



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