This last week our little learners dealt with MAGIC!

After some days of hard work and practice, five little students have become real MAGICIANS!

With Winnie the Witch, Enric, Leyre, Patrick, Maria, Víctor and Jana learned how to do a powerful spell. Each one of them built a magic wand to make true some of your wishes, but be careful… THEY CAN GET ANGRY SOMETIMES!

2013-07-19 11.14.32 Moreover, they have been playing and having fun through different activities. One of their favorite moments is the STORYTELLING TIME! They really enjoy these moments where they have to sit on the floor and actively participate in the story.




2013-07-16 10.57.56



We are also aware that kids need to have breakfast and play a little bit to get the amount of energy to learn a lot! So, everyday, they have breakfast and play funny games…OF COURSE IN ENGLISH!



And… What you don’t know, is that our children have been doing some cooking classes! LAST Wednesday they built a magic wand made of kiwi, peach, melon, pear and cherries!2013-07-17 12.07.53


They will certainly do YUMMY magic with these!!!

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