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Lights, camera, action!

Who said we need to go to Hollywood to become film stars? First grade students have started a project about cinema, but  we first took some notes about: What do we know about cinema? What do we want to know? What kind of films exist? Which is our favorite film?


Very tasty classes :)

Children, are you hungry today? Would you like something from my restaurant? Yes, I would like…  some spaghetti and an ice-cream. One of the most important tasks when you go to an English speaking country is to order food when you go to a restaurant. There are basic forms and questions, as well as food […]


Walking through the city

Good afternoon boys and girls! After having been working the jobs and the places where they work and the directions, first and third graders have done a BIG and EXPERIENTIAL activity that summarizes all the contents: a CITY! They were distributed in pairs and one in each couple had a character. They had to give […]


Carnival in Lockhart Academy!

Hello everyone! Last week we celebrated Carnival in Lockhart Academy; in my point of view, one of the best sessions we’ve done! 😀 The first graders played a game-board that consisted on different types of activities: pictionary, make up, mimic and a quiz. Also, they were dressed up with different complements: the big ears from […]


The travelling suitcase

Hello boys and ladies! This week, the 1st. grader students have taken the traveling suitcase to their house. The story of one group is the fantastic The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and of the other group is Aaaarrghh! Spider! They have to read it with their parents, do some activities and, the most  important thing: ENJOY READING!  […]


Christmas with first graders

Marc, Bárbara, Aina, Albert, Guillem, Arnau and me wish you Merry Christmas! Following the instructions, the first grade students wanted to decorate the classroom painting the Christmas tree at the same time they learnt the Christmas decoration and reviewed the colors. They are really hard-workers and good students, so I’m sure that the Three Wise […]


First of all, Happy New Year! 🙂 Then, let me introduce myself, so you know more about me and my experience with English and how it can be related to the English classes. I’m Alba Esteban. I’m in the last year of my degree, I’m studying to be an English teacher. My hobbies are traveling and reading, learning […]