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Last week in the summercourse.

Hi there! Today is the last day that I can write about the summer courses for children because tomorrow is the last day of class! This week we have done different activities related to different storybooks. On Monday, we started with the three little pigs. As they all know the story, they organised themselves to […]


First week in the summercourse

Hello! Here we are! We are Gemma, Júlia, Mar, Asser, Arnau and Pol. We want to tell you some of the activities we did (apart from the ones that we explained on Tuesday). We talked about TV programs and we invented our own one. We invented it, we created a poster and we prepared a presentation. Here you can […]



Hello! We are Júlia, Arnau, Asser, Gemma and Maria, the teacher. Yesterday, we started the summercourse and we want to show you some different activities that we have done. First of all, we started talking about ourselves and then talking about robots and technology. We created a robot with toilet paper rolls. We built them […]

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Carnival with p5 students in l’Arrabassada

Good morning! Here you can see how we celebrated Carnival in Escola L’Arrabassada with the p5 students. They created the indian costume by painting and cutting the feathers. The afternoon group was very lucky because before starting the class they could see the Carnestoltes in the playground. It was a very nice moment because they […]


How to do a board game

Hello everybody! We are Lucas, Teo, Rubén, Júlia, Jana and Maria. We want to show you the board game that we have created. It was easy to do and very funny to play. First of all, we created a draft: When we had the draft, we created the board on a cardboard and we stuck some […]