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Some two weeks ago we finished yet another fantastic project at FM Logistic. We went there to do special speaking classes for six Saturdays. There were two groups of students and the activities we did were the kind of activities that we love: funny, interesting and very communicative.

One of the last activities we did was a kind of theater play, in a very similar spirit of the one we did last year. Here you have the product:

We want to thank the participation of our fantastic students, that were willing to take part and play with us. Also, our two teachers did a fantastic job and we want to publicly acknowledge that!

Soon we will do more interesting projects with FM Logistic and we will keep you posted!

Hola! Hoy como excepción, vamos a hacer un post en castellano ya que el tema es lo suficientemente importante para que llegue al máximo número de personas posible. Como ya os informamos a través de nuestra página de Facebook, a principios de este mes empezamos un proyecto muy especial en FM Logistic, en Valls. Un […]


Como cada año, Lockhart Academy ha celebrado su tradicional cena de Navidad, con alumnos adultos y profesores/as.

Este año, la cena ha sido en el Palau del Baró. Pero antes de que os expliquemos más cosas sobre la cena, permitidnos que os digamos cosas que pasaron antes de la cena.

Una vez conseguimos que todos los asistentes (15) rellenasen el formulario de qué querrían para cenar, les mandamos los primeros Whatsapps para preparar la temática de la noche:


También les enviamos un Whatsapp con el nombre de un actor o el nombre de una película. Dentro de ese mensaje también se les informaba que no podían decir el nombre de su película/actor, nombre de personajes… Entre los actores teníamos por ejemplo a Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rowan Atkinson o Steve Carrell. Entre las películas relacionadas con esos actores teníamos, entre otras, The Bourne Identity, True Lies, Johnny English, Get Smart


La noche de la cena, unos 5 minutos antes de la hora de quedada, los asistentes recibieron un último mensaje de Whatsapp con sus 2 misiones para esa noche: intentar encontrar su contacto (la película en la que habían actuado o el actor principal de su película) e intentar descubrir cuáles eran los nombres en clave del resto de asistentes a la cena (intentando que el menor número posible adivinase el suyo).

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Today, in the English class with the C1 group, we used a short clip that was shared with us via the Innovative Teachers of English group in Facebook.

This was the video:

If you want to know how we exploited it, please follow reading…

The video gave us the idea of working the topic of the future. We started the session by showing the students how 25 years ago they predicted the future (and got some of them right). We did that through a video that analyzed some of the “Future Inventions” that appeared in Back to the Future II (that was set on the future, paradoxically, in the year 2015!).

After that, we showed them a presentation that included images of inventions that could change the word forever (inspired by the CNBC) and they had to predict what those inventions were.

Then, we used the video we mentioned at the beginning, but in a special way. We divided the 5 students into 2 groups (a group of three and a group of  two—obviously). We asked the group of 3 to leave the classroom and the group of 2 to stay in the class watching the video. The group of two had to take detailed notes of what appeared in the video so they could transmit it to the rest of the class.

Now is when the fun starts! After the couple had negotiated the explanation they would do, we asked them to sit facing the whiteboard. Then, we asked one of the other group to enter the classroom and sit behind the couple. The instructions were that she could not ask any question or make any sound that would allow the couple to know if the message was arriving properly or not. She could take notes, though, because later she would have to sit at the front and another person would enter the classroom and we would repeat the process. Here you can see an image of this stage:

The couple that watched the video are doing the first explanation to one of the students. They don't see each other and, in this activity, they cannot negotiate the meaning.

The couple that watched the video are doing the first explanation to one of the students. They don’t see each other and, in this activity, they cannot negotiate the meaning.

Then, the couple sat at the end of the classroom and a new student entered to listen to the explanation given by his classmate. We followed the same process, but this time with the explanation done by a student that hadn’t actually seen the video.

After that, the last person that was outside of the room entered and heard the description, this time from the last student that had received the explanation. Again, they could not communicate, even non-verbally.

The second student (that had heard the explanation from a person that hadn't actually seen the video) is explaining it to the third student (who had been outside of the classroom)

The second student (that had heard the explanation from a person that hadn’t actually seen the video) is explaining it to the third student (who had been outside of the classroom)

Then, the last person that heard the description of the video, drew her mental image of what happened in it while the others observed it:

Last student, drawing

The last student, drawing what she understood from the explanation

When she finished drawing, she sat down looking at the board, with the back to the rest of the students. They had to interpret her drawing trying to guess what each “symbol” and detail meant. Then she gave her own explanation.

For finishing the activity, we all saw the video together and they all agreed that the explanations had been pretty accurate!

After that we did a writing game about inventions for the future with the Rory’s Story Cubes.

It was an amazing class!


I am Maria, the A2 group teacher in Lockhart Academy.

I want to show you the activity that they did. It was a good way to be sure that they understood what a mind map is: create a mind map explaining what a mind map is.

Please, feel free to have a look at it:


I gave them a text with all the needed information and they created it together.

Thank you Mercè, Olga and Noemí, you did a very nice work!



Ayer fue un día memorable para Lockhart Academy. Aparte de tener la última clase del año con algunos de los grupos y el festival de Navidad en la Escola La Vitxeta (pronto publicaremos un post al respecto), tuvimos nuestra tradicional cena de fiestas con el alumnado adulto y los y las profes de la academia.

Empezamos la noche a las 20 horas en la puerta de la academia. De ahí, el grupo más madrugador se dirigió a la primera parada: el Kunan. Allí, entre otras cosas, hicimos una especie de Pub Quiz sobre Navidad, que adaptamos de esta entrada de blog. Nos lo pasamos muy bien, utilizamos mucho inglés y aprendimos muchas cosas interesantes sobre las fiestas. Read more

In an earlier post we told you about some of the games we used during the course, but we have used some more… Today we’re going to tell you about some of them:

– The first one we would like to highlight is a game that has just been released in Spain. It’s distributed by Devir Iberia and it’s an incredible cooperative game. The game is called Flash Point: Fire Rescue (the Spanish version is named Rescate). Here you have some photos of the different elements in the game:

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We can tell you that the game was a success. We won, we had a wonderful time and we used a lot, a lot of English. We started by reading and trying to understand the rules. Once that was clear, we set the board and we started playing. In this game, all the firefighters have to really negotiate ever action they take; they have to collaborate so they can save as many survivors as they can at the same time the prevent the fires from spreading and hurting the foundations of the building.

Winning, anyway, was no easy task. There was a lot of fire and soon the possible victims were way too close to the fire. The explosions made some walls vanish into thin air and there was smoke everywhere. Read more

Last Thursday, the A1+ group started the Music project. We are going to improve our  English through the topic of music (music raging from the sixties to today). 

DSC_1235 (Large)

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Hello everybody!! 🙂

During the second term we worked on the topic of companies, a theme related to the earlier project we did: the world of human resources. In this new one, we worked on “how to create your own company”. As we can see in the pictures, our B1 group in Lockhart Academy created their own advertisement to promote a business they previously set up.

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