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Hello families!

Now that the first term is over, we want to introduce you three special students that have been learning and having fun with our 3rd graders. They are: Snow-wolf, Mr. Fox and Teddy, two wolves and a fox that arrived from far away.



Every week, each one of them is going to the house of one of our students. During this week, they read an English book together, they play, they discover different places in the city, they become a member of their family and, of course, they learn a lot together.

Then, they explain everything they have done together in a special notebook, creating a comic with all the adventures and explaining it in class. Here you have some examples:

We are so happy to have them in our groups and we hope you love and enjoy your time with them as much as we do!




Bye bye families!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock,
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring…

Ups! Hello families, sorry! We are still singing our Christmas song! We are sure you know it so here you have the videos we created, come on, sing with us!

4th grade A (Monday and Wednesday):

4th grade B (Tuesday and Thursday):

As you know, during the month of December 4th graders have been working on different activities related to Christmas time. As they are two different groups  (4th A and 4th B) we also did Secret Santa with them: 4th graders A prepared the present for 4th graders B and the other way around. The present they prepared was a fantastic Christmas card they wrote in English and, not only the students participated, Teacher Melanie also did it!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year families, we are sure that Santa brought lots of magic presents!

See you soon!

4th graders and Teacher Melanie

Hello families!

5th graders and Teacher Melanie are so excited today, we want to share with you our amazing work!

During the month of December, we have been working on the most magical time of the year: Christmas! We learnt the song “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” a popular song that has been featured by different singers as Brenda Lee, Miley Cyrus or The Jets.

They decided and organized how to create our video: they worked on the lyrics, they created a real Christmas tree to dance around it, they created paper presents … definitely, they enjoyed it and had a great time!

Here you have the results of their work! We hope you like it:

See you on January!

5th graders and Teacher Melanie wish you a Merry Christmas!

Hello families!

First of all, 6th graders and Teacher Melanie wish you a Merry Christmas!

During the month of December we have been doing different activities related to Christmas. We played different games and we created different ornaments for their Christmas trees made with clay. We hope your Christmas trees look better now!!!

Apart from that, the students have been working a lot learning and preparing the popular song called “All I want for Christmas is you”. Here you have the amazing video:

We hope you like watching it as much as we did it recording it!

See you soon families and Merry Christmas!!!

Teacher Melanie and 6th graders