Hello families!

Today we want to share with you a super special day that the 3rd graders lived some days ago. Last Wednesday 15th, it was the 1st birthday of our pet, Mr. Snow-wolf!!!!

We had lots of fun. We did different special activities. First, we prepared a small sponge cake for him and, of course, we sang happy birthday! Then, we played some sweet activities using cookies and all the students wrote birthday cards for Snow-wolf. We were soooooo happy!

Here you have a photo in which there appear all the students of 3rd grade A, Teacher Melanie and Snow-wolf just after singing the happy birthday song.

See you soon and remember, if you see Snow-wolf around the school… congratulate him!!!!

3rd graders and Teacher Melanie

Hello all,

Do you want to come back from holidays? Will you miss these loooong days with your family, eating a lot, having a lot of fun, dancing and opening presents? Of course you will! But, you know, here in Lockhart Academy we have a lot of fun! Before you come back from holidays, we will play a little game with you. Our teens in the Academy played a Christmas Charades Game before Xmas.. now you need to guess what are the Xmas activities they are doing in each picture before reading the answer. Are you ready?


Mrs. Claus baking cookies

Santa sitting on a beach

Building a snowman

Drinking hot chocolate

Mommy kissing Santa Claus

Santa going down a chimney

Ice skating

Reindeer games

Playing hockey




We hope you had a lot of fun with our pictures! They had a lot of fun while taking them. Enjoy these last days of holidays and see you soon!