Yesterday was a very special day in Lockhart Academy. We celebrated the Christmas festival and a lot of people came.

We had adult young students, parents, teachers and even friends from them.

We had a bit of theater, some singing, pieces of playback with dancing and even a Karaoke with a choreography.

We felt it was a magical evening and we think the people that came felt the same way.

Of course, those were not the only things that we did. Let us share the video of those things first and then let us tell you more things that happened!

Enjoy it!



Another thing we did was the “Sorteig de Nadal“. The winner of this raffle was Rubén Linares, who participated from Facebook. He will be coming to the adult A1 group, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19 to 20:30 for free, from January to June. Congratulations, Rubén!

Yesterday we told you that that wasn’t going to be the only secret to be unveiled. We also discovered what child had won the Christmas Card competition. These were the 5 candidates:

It was a very tough and difficult decision because of  the wonderful pictures we received, but at the end we resolved that the winner of this competition was this picture:

The author of the picture is Ainhoa Rius, who attends the 4th and 5th grade group. Here you have the photo of her with her prize and the card that we created with her picture:

Congratulations, Ainhoa, for such a lovely picture and for winning the competition!

After the festival, the adult students of the academy and some of the teachers decided to go to have dinner to La Cuineta, but that wasn’t going to be a normal dinner after all. If you want to read about the dinner, you’ll have to wait for our next post!

Happy holidays to you all and have the best possible entrance to the New Year!

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