Today I was lucky enough to attend the first class of the year for Lockhart Academy. In fact, it was also the first class for Iris with us!

It was a 2 hour session with the third graders. Only 3 out of 7 started now, but even so, it was a fantastic session full of fun and full of interesting activities.

Now I’m going to try and show you some of the examples of these activities:

In this picture, we can see the students working in their “Magic Box”. They were drawing their favourite animals inside the magic box.

In this activity, Iris would say a color and a part of the picture and the first student in line would have to rush and paint that part in that color as fast as he could. They really had a wondeful time running from one place to another and painting the picture on the wall!

In this part of the session, Iris sat the students on the floor so they would be ready to hear a story about things people like to do in summer. They combined the storytelling with gestures and movements.

I can say that Iris did a wonderful job. She got the attention of the students all the time and she encouraged them to use English all the time. They are going to learn a lot of English this year!


Wonderful job, Iris, congratulations! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this session with you guys!




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