In La Vitxeta, we got into the Easter vibe!

What a better way to get into it than having a cute Easter bunny at home? That’s why the students from 3rd to 6th prepared one to bring it home and have it in their bedroom or living room.

And do you want to know how they did it? Easy-peasy!

First of all, we brought a boiled egg to class for each student. They then had to paint the egg in white color. We all had some trouble doing it, because as some of you know they are a bit fragile and they had to be really careful. After dealing with that, they painted the tummy either in pink or orange color, and the eyes in black color following some instructions. Then, they added some other details to their creations such as mustaches, eyelashes, arms… Finally, in white foam paper, they drew the shape of two ears and two feet, painting the inside of the ears with orange or pink color, depending on the color of their tummy. Then they cut them and stuck it on the egg and… we finally had our Easter bunny!

And here you have the result:


After that, the boys and girls were ready to rest and gather some strength for the comeback!


See you soon!

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