Do you know how children celebrate EASTER in England?

Our students of 1rst grade know the story of the Easter Bunny and some activities and games people usually do during Easter. To explain it we used a Prezi presentation, a very interesting tool. Also they prepared a beautiful egg using cardboard and clothespins.


2013-03-21 19.03.25

Do you like corners?

Our children love corners! During the last class before Easter Holidays they reviewed all the vocabulary through reading, singing, drawing, speaking and writing.

In Lockhart Academy we try to make our children confortable to produce. This is one of the most important things to acquire a language. For this reason we create confortable situations in which they have to produce using the vocabulary they already know.

The truth is that they have improved their communicative skill and also their vocabulary in these few months.







2013-03-21 18.39.26

Remember to enter in moodle! There are many activities, videos and resources for you, to continue practicing and having fun learning English!

2013-03-14 19.30.49This is a picture I really like!

It is a picture of the 1rst Graders (Thursdasy group).


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