Hello everybody!!

My name is Duina. I’m a new teacher at Lockhart Academy and I’ll be teaching at Escola l’Arrabassada. I’m going to be the teacher of P4, 2nd and 5th grades.

Maybe you will ask yourselves, who is this girl? So here I go, I’m going to share a bit of information about me, just to let you know me a little better ;).

I’m 25 years old and I’m  living in Cambrils nowadays although I ‘m originally from Andorra.

I studied to be a teacher with children who are 0 to 3 years old and, when I finished, I studied the Primary Education degree with a Minor in teaching English.

So here I am, I finished my degree and I started teaching in Lockhart Academy this summer, but this is not my only job.

Some of you might know me because I worked in l’Arrabassada for three years doing “l’hora d’acollida matinal” and, also, because I did my practicum there.

Moreover I work in different places related to kids as, for example, summer courses.   I have also been working in a campsite since 2008 as an entertainer, so I work with kids doing arts and crafts, dancing, acting, etc.

So that’s me! I’m really happy to be in this school again and I hope we have lots and lots of fun while we learn a lot!!

Here you have my e-mail address: duina@lockhartacademy.com

You can send me e-mails when you need to know something or if you need help.

Bests wishes for all of you! 😉


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