Hi everybody!

I am Karolina, a new teacher in Lockhart Academy!

This year I will be teaching English to 2nd and 3rd grade pupils in l’Arrabassada school and to 5th and 6th grade pupils in the academy.

Two years ago I finished the Primary Education Degree with the English Minor and this year I have finished a Master in  “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language”.

Regarding my hobbies,  I am an animal lover. I have two dogs and I love them. In my free time I like going out with friends, reading, practicing sport, traveling to different places and taking pictures. I just love photography!!!

I feel very lucky having the chance to work as a teacher and to teach English in a different way. Students must learn, but they also need to have fun and enjoy learning!

In this blog you will be finding some of the works made by the students, so keep checking it often or subscribe!

If you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate in contacting me through my email: karolina@lockhartacademy.com

See you!



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