My name is Sarai and I’m from El Vendrell, Tarragona. Nowadays I’m working in Lockhart Academy (since October) managing three different groups: children of 1st and 2nd of Primary School, adults of A1 level and adults of B1 level. During the week I also work in a school, la Muntanyeta from Bellvei (a town near El Vendrell), managing a group of children of 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

More things about me… When I finished my secondary school I decided to do social BAT, and then I did the Selectivity to be able to go to university. I doubted between doing the degree of Primary School Education or Law. I then remembered that when I was a child my favourite game was to pretend to be a teacher for all my cuddly toys I had at home. I liked it and I like it now very much, and for that reason I can say now that I’m an English Teacher.

About my hobbies I can say that I like playing tennis or paddle, going to the cinema or the theatre and I like a lot the snow and the mountain in winter and the sun and the beach in summer. I also like music, all kinds of music. When I was younger I did 8 years of music theory, singing and I used to play the piano (8 years) and the Spanish guitar (4 years).

About my job I can say that it’s the kind of job that I have been looking for these four years of my degree and the best job to grow in the best possible way with the help of really professional people. I try to teach English in a motivating, interesting and interactional way. We work through projects, and in that sense, through stories, songs and communicative activities where students can work all the skills they have. Of course, I make them speak in English all the time. I like to see how they feel comfortable, and how they enjoy doing entertaining classes of English that are not guided by a book. It’s really fun seeing how they learn while doing funny and interesting things and not only memorizing, but practising and speaking.

If you want to know what our students do in the classes don’t forget to check the blog!

See you!


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