Our first graders were dealing with meals and food.

At the beginning they learnt some vocabulary about food through the SHOPPING CART. Every week they had to bring some food in an envelope and show it to the classmates. Thank you to all the FAMILIES to collaborate on it!

2013-04-24 18.07.33

OH! What about the fridge game? They love it! To play this game, children join in pairs. One is the manager and, without showing it, he or she has to put some food in the fridge. The other person has to ask questions to guess what food inside the fridge is. In this game they have fun but… THEY SPEAK AND PRACTISE THE LANGUAGE A LOT! This is something really important! CONGRATULATIONS CHILDREN!

2013-04-25 18.54.11             2013-04-25 18.53.59


To finish with the food, last session our 1rst graders had to create a restaurant:

  1. First they had to decide the name and the food they wanted to offer.
  2. Second they had to buy the food at the supermarket.
  3. Then they had to design the menu for their restaurant.
  4. Last, they had to present their menu to the rest of the class.

All the process has been done in ENGLISH of course, but the most amazing thing is that all the questions they had, they asked them in ENGLISH.

2013-05-02 18.56.30   2013-05-02 18.56.59  2013-05-02 19.24.12

These kids are very intelligent!


2013-05-02 19.40.31

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