Hi! My name is Maria. I’m an English teacher in Lockhart Academy.

I started working in the academy in July, during the summer courses for adults and for children. Now I have a 3rd grade group of children and an A2 and a B1 group of adults.

On Monday I’m going to start the extracurricular classes in Escola l’Arrabassada. I’ll be in p5, 1st grade and 4th grade, and I’m so thrilled about it!


As you can imagine, this is a photo of me in London, where I spent 3 month doing the practicum of my teaching degree in a Spanish school. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely fell in love with the city!

In case you want to contact me you can use my Lockhart Academy email: maria@lockhartacademy.com

Keep checking the blog for more stories and for activities we will be doing in the classes!

Best wishes,




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