Here am I, ready to show you more activities that we have done!

On Thursday we created some masks related to the song “a dragon on the doorstep“. Apart from creating them with different materials, we did a small representation of the song. Here you can see them preparing the masks:




Another activity that we did was finding differences between 2 pictures, but they couldn’t see the other picture! So they had to describe them and find the differences together. In the images you can see the wall that we created. Another similar activity that we did was a crossword about places in the city, but in teams! The first team who did it, was the winner. If they had any problem, they had 3 opportunities to ask the teacher for clues. After doing it, they corrected it in the blackboard.

Talking about cities, they created a city using wax crayons. The results were amazing:

While they were doing it, they sang their favourites songs! And after that, they played “taboo”. It is a game based on describing one word without saying some forbidden words. Of course, it was adapted to their level and they could do some gestures. They liked it!


And Friday has been the last day of the second week in the summer course. It’s been the last day for 4 of the students so they had to say goodbye…

We will miss you!

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