Yes, it seems our students have magical powers! They are clairvoyants… or at least they have been pretending to be!

The activity started talking about how well they knew themselves and how well other people knew them. We asked them if they thought a person they met 3 minutes ago would be able to know them well. They said that person wouldn’t, but maybe they changed their mind after the activity…

We then started doing some personal questions to get to know them better and to make them reflect a little about how they are. We also talked about how the others perceived them and tried to contrast the opinions. It was a very vivid and interesting discussion.

Right after that, we distributed the wikipedia entries on the different tarot cards amongst them so they would read how to interpret each card. Then, they had to explain their card to the others so everybody would know what kind of things they could say if the card popped up in their fortune telling.

Then we had a “volunteer” who received a text that explained the steps to set the mood and to start the reading and that offered him ideas on how to distribute the cards depending on several factors (priorities; past, present and future; immediate past and future…).

Here you can see a picture of him playing his role:

Another thing we did during the class was to watch this video that showed the “how’s” behind certain so-called ‘fortune tellers’:

At the end of the class we realized that some people, just by listening to the kind of questions we do and the way we behave and we are dressed, can be able to tell us a lot of things about our lives (present, past or future)

If we do a deep analysis of the activities that we proposed, we can see that the students first had to communicate and discuss about themselves (personalization). After that, they had to read and explain what they understood to the others, who should take notes (meaningful reading and writing). Then, they had to perform a role (close-to-real communication) and discuss about the past, the present and the future (subconscious use and improvement of grammar).

All in all, a pretty complete class where students had (correct us if we’re wrong) a lot of fun and used a huge amount of language involving all 5 language skills.



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