Some weeks ago, in facebook we came across a very interesting webpage where they used the “Rory’s Story Cubes” to create interesting short stories. This page directed us to a blog where they regularly publish stories created from the results of the dice. The way they do this is:

  • They roll the dice
  • They create a story trying to include all the images on the top side of the dice

Last week, in the Exhibitors Hall of the APAC 2013 ELT convention we came across the game and we didn’t give it a second thought: we bought it.

Yesterday we started using them with a group of students. First we made them read this story from the Gareth’s Blog: Elevator Guidelines. They sat by pairs and tried to help each other with the difficult vocabulary and expressions.

After that we showed them the dice and explained them about the game. We told them the rules and we rolled the cubes. We had these images:

These were the images they had to use to create the story

These were the images they had to use to create the story

Then, by pairs, they had to negotiate the story with another student and write it. This way we made them, not only write, but also speak. Also, we gave them some more support for the vocabulary transfer. Here you have a couple of pictures of this process:

Duina and Gemma negotiating their story

Duina and Gemma negotiating their story

Agustí and Mont writing their story

Agustí and Mont negotiating their story

We suppose that you might now want to read those stories, don’t you? Well, we’ve got bad news. The written texts are not available… sorry.

Fortunately, we have the recordings! Story by Duina and Gemma Story by Agustí and Mont

We enjoyed the session and we enjoyed the activity. In the forthcoming days we’ll post some other things about this session.

We hope you liked the post!

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