My last session with third graders was very interesting and nice.



I used storytelling as a method to teach English!! Mainly, I’ve chosen it because we can find these reasons:

-Stories are fun so the students are motivated and adopt positive attitudes.

-Stories involve children and they are more active so they participate all the time.

-We listen to stories in a group and promote the group activities.

-You can combine visual and aural learners with pictures and the writen part.

-They learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures.

It’s important to choose a good story, to adapt it in the class creating a great atmosphere and to use tools we have as teachers.

With third graders, I chose the MONKEY PUZZLE book. This story is about a little monkey who can’t find its mum. With the help of a beautiful butterfly and by looking for in different places, finally it finds its mother.



I hope all of them enjoyed a lot and had a good time with the story 🙂

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