During the last two weeks in Lockhart Academy, our children have done two amazing Works!

I know they like arts and crafts, so we’ve done a lot of English, but using scissors, glue, cardboards, magazines…

With 1st graders, we were working fruits and vegetables, so now they know something about Arcimboldo; a special artist. His paintings are special because there are a lot of fruits and vegetables. At the beginning they had to find out some fruits and vegetables in a picture, this way they learn some of new vocabulary.After that they’ve started doing their own Arcimboldo face with magazines! Mr Cat gets angry sometimes because they want to play all the time, but when he is sleeping, they have to be quiet!Now they know more things about fruits and vegetables, also the story of Pete the Cat. Some of them are able to explain you the story, so ask them! THEY ARE AMAZING!



About 3rd graders, they have been learning things about islands and pirates! They had to find a treasure in the classroom, and after doing a lot of activities they found the chocolate coins! THEY ARE REAL PIRATES!


Last session we’ve worked a funny song from Lilo &Stitch, they sang the song in English but also, they are able to sing something in Hawaiian! Magí, Pablo, Jaime, Alba and Néstor are  so special!

As Lilo & Stitch they imagined that they were surfers, so they needed a surf board!

But not only with a surf board you are a real surfer… You might know the rules!

As you can see: no books, no boring activities! THEY ARE LEARNING ENGLISH IN A FUNNY WAY!

They are amazing!:)



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