Hi everyone!

We are the P4 students from l’Arrabassada. During these weeks we’ve been working and learning about the animals and the colors. How? We started with a story called “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell. It’s about a girl who wants a new pet and writes a letter to the zoo asking them if they can send her an animal. The zoo sends her a lot of animals: an elephant, a giraffe, a camel, a lion… but she thinks they aren’t good enough for being pets. Finally, the zoo sends her a dog and it’s the perfect pet!

We’ve learned about the colors too, connecting them with the animals: the frog is green, the elephant is grey…

This has been the last week working on it and we’ve created our own zoo. We’ve colored the animals, always asking for the crayons to the teacher in English.


We are also learning how to ask “What’s your name?” and answer: My name is…. And how to ask: “How are you today?” and answer: “I’m happy/I’m sad/I’m hungry”.

In fact, it’s been a good month for us! It’s been very funny!!!!

Hello everybody!

We are Lucas, Teo, Rubén, Júlia, Jana and Maria.

We want to show you the board game that we have created. It was easy to do and very funny to play.

First of all, we created a draft:

draft image

When we had the draft, we created the board on a cardboard and we stuck some questions about subjects in color papers. We also invented the rules of the game.

The following day we played with our game. Here you can see us ready to enjoy it: Read more

Good afternoon!

Here you can see the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada school doing their first “running dictation”. It is a dictation that a lot of people in the academy know. We spliced the class in small groups. There was a text on the wall and they had to run to it, memorize  part of it, go back running to their group and dictate it to their partners.



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Good afternoon!

We are the 1st graders in Escola l’Arrabassada.

In this image you can see us using stickers to revise the parts of the body. gomets 1rAnd here we show you our skeleton: Read more

Good morning!
I’m the p5 graders teacher. As I told you, we are still learning different types of food and animals. Now, we are doing it through a book called “My Favorite Food“. Here you can see a video where our students are singing “Do you like broccoli” song. They really enjoyed it!

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We are Noemí (5th graders’ teacher) and Maria (4th graders’ teacher).
Here you are our students’ video performing the storybook “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson.
We all want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
See you soon!
As you can imagine, these days we have learned different things about Christmas!
1st grade students sang the Jingle Bells song, dressed with a snowflake costume.
Here we can see our singers.
Midday group:
Afternoon group:

Merry Christmas!

Ayer fue un día memorable para Lockhart Academy. Aparte de tener la última clase del año con algunos de los grupos y el festival de Navidad en la Escola La Vitxeta (pronto publicaremos un post al respecto), tuvimos nuestra tradicional cena de fiestas con el alumnado adulto y los y las profes de la academia.

Empezamos la noche a las 20 horas en la puerta de la academia. De ahí, el grupo más madrugador se dirigió a la primera parada: el Kunan. Allí, entre otras cosas, hicimos una especie de Pub Quiz sobre Navidad, que adaptamos de esta entrada de blog. Nos lo pasamos muy bien, utilizamos mucho inglés y aprendimos muchas cosas interesantes sobre las fiestas. Read more

This week, P4 students have started working ‘Christmas’ and we’re all really excited about it.

We’ve been dancing and singing the “Dancing Christmas Tree” song and we’ve been working some Christmas vocabulary such as ‘reindeer’, ‘Christmas tree’, ‘present’, ‘Santa’, ‘the Three Wise Men’ -this last is a little difficult for us :p- and some more.

On Thursday we colored a Reindeer mandala but, for coloring it, we needed to ‘buy’ the colors by asking Noemí: “Can I have a -yellow, pink, blue,…- color, please?”.

Here there are three videos in which you can see how we asked for the first colors. Read more

Last month children from 4th 5th and 6th grade from “Escola la Vitxeta” in Reus were working on the sea animals. They were able to research some information in the computer about their favourite sea animal and then show what they found to the class.


After that, we did a lapbook about the storybook “Sharing a Shell”. The lapbook has the characters of the story and what they do on the story. It also includes a picture of the student’s favourite animal under an envelope, where they can keep whatever they want. And finally, it includes a game similar to rock, paper, scissors, but with the characters of the story.

The final products were amazing! Read more