Hello families!
During the month of March, before working on Easter activities, the 3rd graders have been working on an exciting topic: SUPERHEROES!
They wrote a comic, learned the vocabulary about the skills and powers their favourite superheroes have, did a few crafts…
Here you have some pictures:
– Comics:

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Hello everybody!

We are Lucas, Teo, Rubén, Júlia, Jana and Maria.

We want to show you the board game that we have created. It was easy to do and very funny to play.

First of all, we created a draft:

draft image

When we had the draft, we created the board on a cardboard and we stuck some questions about subjects in color papers. We also invented the rules of the game.

The following day we played with our game. Here you can see us ready to enjoy it: Read more

Last Friday was a very interesting day in Lockhart Academy. At 18:00, 7 students from the academy and 1 volunteer showed up ready to have fun and use a lot of English. They had signed up for “Death Wears White”, a role game in which the players have to try to guess, among other things, who committed a murder.

The murder happened in a hospital, so we asked the students to come dressed up as members of this hospital (some like doctors, others like nurses, some other like administrators…).

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This last week our little learners dealt with MAGIC!

After some days of hard work and practice, five little students have become real MAGICIANS!

With Winnie the Witch, Enric, Leyre, Patrick, Maria, Víctor and Jana learned how to do a powerful spell. Each one of them built a magic wand to make true some of your wishes, but be careful… THEY CAN GET ANGRY SOMETIMES! Read more

Time for another story that the adult students in Lockhart Academy wrote collaboratively.

Today, we are posting the pictures and the recording. We hope you enjoy it.

The audio file can be found here: Audio file.

Comments will continue to be appreciated!

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Our first graders were dealing with meals and food.

At the beginning they learnt some vocabulary about food through the SHOPPING CART. Every week they had to bring some food in an envelope and show it to the classmates. Thank you to all the FAMILIES to collaborate on it!

2013-04-24 18.07.33

OH! What about the fridge game? They love it! To play this game, children join in pairs. One is the manager and, without showing it, he or she has to put some food in the fridge. The other person has to ask questions to guess what food inside the fridge is. In this game they have fun but… THEY SPEAK AND PRACTISE THE LANGUAGE A LOT! This is something really important! CONGRATULATIONS CHILDREN!

2013-04-25 18.54.11             2013-04-25 18.53.59


To finish with the food, last session our 1rst graders had to create a restaurant:

  1. First they had to decide the name and the food they wanted to offer.
  2. Second they had to buy the food at the supermarket.
  3. Then they had to design the menu for their restaurant.
  4. Last, they had to present their menu to the rest of the class.

All the process has been done in ENGLISH of course, but the most amazing thing is that all the questions they had, they asked them in ENGLISH.

2013-05-02 18.56.30   2013-05-02 18.56.59  2013-05-02 19.24.12

These kids are very intelligent!


2013-05-02 19.40.31

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history (source: wikipedia). But in Lockhart Academy, it is an interesting and funny game to refresh the vocabulary and to have a good time.

In this quiz, they are in groups of two and three. Every team has a name and a paper horse.


There are 10 points and the first group to get these points, wins the competition.

Basically, they throw the dice and, depending on the number, they must do an action: Read more

Here we have the 5th edition of the stories the students wrote collaboratively from the Rory Story Cubes.

In this case we have the pictures and the audio again:

Dice the students used to build the story.

Dice the students used to build the story.

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Today (holiday for a lot of people) we are sharing one of the stories the Adults A-2 group wrote. Of course, you will also be able to see the pictures that made our students write this story.

Dice that help the students create the story

Dice that help the students create the story

It was my very first day with glasses and I had to go to the city because the day before yesterday I had bought a pair of trousers and I wanted to change them. I took the bus and, 15 minutes later, I had arrived at the store.


I was about to enter the shop when I noticed a set of footprints next to it. The footprints were enormous! They were the size of a table. They had five huge toes. Based on those footprints, I calculated that the animal had to be, at least, 4 meters tall. I started to follow the footprints.


But in that moment something wrong happened. I didn’t know what it was but I started to feel more and more tired… exhausted. I fell asleep and then I don’t remember anything else.


Now I’m feeling very well because I was dreaming that I was going to Brazil by plane. If it’s possible, I’d like to fall asleep again as long as I dream about the same story!

We hope you liked the story! Feel free to comment on it!


Writing stories collaboratively – 2

Writing stories collaboratively

Some weeks ago, in facebook we came across a very interesting webpage where they used the “Rory’s Story Cubes” to create interesting short stories. This page directed us to a blog where they regularly publish stories created from the results of the dice. Read more