Here we are! the 5th graders from l’Arrabassada.

These weeks we’ve been working with a storybook called “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka. It’s not the story everybody knows…it’s the real story which shows us the Wolf’s version. After the storytelling we started working hard with the vocabulary and with the characters. We had to match some words that described the characters with them. We also worked in groups, trying to sorting sentences by reading them and organizing the story.

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Good afternoon!

Here you can see the 4th graders in l’Arrabassada school doing their first “running dictation”. It is a dictation that a lot of people in the academy know. We spliced the class in small groups. There was a text on the wall and they had to run to it, memorize  part of it, go back running to their group and dictate it to their partners.



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Today I’m going to introduce you to the Pre-primary students of La Vitxeta and their two pets. Each group has a pet that overviews all the session. At the end, the pet decides who has been the best-behaved child and it goes to home with him or her, as a present. The students have to return it to class the next session and explain what they have done together.

All the members of the group decided the name of their pet when I introduced them.

They are all very motivated with these teddies and they always try to get a good behavior.

The Monday-Wednesday group has a mouse they called Red-Nose. The Tuesday-Thursday group has a fat cat they called Tom.

2015-01-20 16.13.47

Hi everyone!

In l’Arrabassada, the second graders have studied the animals through the “Silly Suzy Goose” story.

First, they have enjoyed listening to the story about a goose who wants to be different from the other geese. Thus, Suzy starts to imitate other animals: slides like a penguin, jumps like a kangaroo, swims like a seal… . Read more

Hello everybody!! 🙂

During the second term we worked on the topic of companies, a theme related to the earlier project we did: the world of human resources. In this new one, we worked on “how to create your own company”. As we can see in the pictures, our B1 group in Lockhart Academy created their own advertisement to promote a business they previously set up.

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Last Friday was a very interesting day in Lockhart Academy. At 18:00, 7 students from the academy and 1 volunteer showed up ready to have fun and use a lot of English. They had signed up for “Death Wears White”, a role game in which the players have to try to guess, among other things, who committed a murder.

The murder happened in a hospital, so we asked the students to come dressed up as members of this hospital (some like doctors, others like nurses, some other like administrators…).

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These last weeks we’ve been working on companies and entrepreneurship in Lockhart Academy.

At the beginning we started speaking about a very famous and successful businessman: Steve Jobs. We described this image (without saying who the man in the picture was) twice and then we asked the students to rewrite the description in groups:

Taken from -ombreenelcielo

Image of Steve Jobs

Then, we asked the students to tell us what companies are successful in Tarragona and why. These are some that came up:

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Sometimes we think that learning English can be boring, but it doesn’t happen in our academy. Here, our students acquire all the skills through different kind of activities. Some of them have improved their communicative skill, and they have also increased their vocabulary knowledge.

2013-07-05 19.28.25

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Yes, it seems our students have magical powers! They are clairvoyants… or at least they have been pretending to be!

The activity started talking about how well they knew themselves and how well other people knew them. We asked them if they thought a person they met 3 minutes ago would be able to know them well. They said that person wouldn’t, but maybe they changed their mind after the activity… Read more