Last Thursday, the A1+ group started the Music project. We are going to improve our  English through the topic of music (music raging from the sixties to today). 

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Hello everybody!! 🙂

During the second term we worked on the topic of companies, a theme related to the earlier project we did: the world of human resources. In this new one, we worked on “how to create your own company”. As we can see in the pictures, our B1 group in Lockhart Academy created their own advertisement to promote a business they previously set up.

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These last weeks we’ve been working on companies and entrepreneurship in Lockhart Academy.

At the beginning we started speaking about a very famous and successful businessman: Steve Jobs. We described this image (without saying who the man in the picture was) twice and then we asked the students to rewrite the description in groups:

Taken from -ombreenelcielo

Image of Steve Jobs

Then, we asked the students to tell us what companies are successful in Tarragona and why. These are some that came up:

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Today (holiday for a lot of people) we are sharing one of the stories the Adults A-2 group wrote. Of course, you will also be able to see the pictures that made our students write this story.

Dice that help the students create the story

Dice that help the students create the story

It was my very first day with glasses and I had to go to the city because the day before yesterday I had bought a pair of trousers and I wanted to change them. I took the bus and, 15 minutes later, I had arrived at the store.


I was about to enter the shop when I noticed a set of footprints next to it. The footprints were enormous! They were the size of a table. They had five huge toes. Based on those footprints, I calculated that the animal had to be, at least, 4 meters tall. I started to follow the footprints.


But in that moment something wrong happened. I didn’t know what it was but I started to feel more and more tired… exhausted. I fell asleep and then I don’t remember anything else.


Now I’m feeling very well because I was dreaming that I was going to Brazil by plane. If it’s possible, I’d like to fall asleep again as long as I dream about the same story!

We hope you liked the story! Feel free to comment on it!


Writing stories collaboratively – 2

Writing stories collaboratively

Yesterday we did a very interesting activity (taken from Images by Alan Maley) with the B2 adult group. We gave them an image and they had to study it thoroughly trying to remember as many details as possible. The image we gave them was this one by @sandymillin via #eltpics:

Blind runners with guides during the Paralympics 2012 marathon

For doing so (for checking all the details), we allowed the students to explore the images using technology (rather than printing the image, which would not be to environmentally friendly…). As we had 5 students in the group, we let some of them look at the image with an iPad and the others with a MacBook. Here you can see them working:

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