A sailor went to sea, sea, sea/ to see what she could see, see, see/ but all that she could see, see, see/ was the 1st graders of L’Arrabassada talking about sea, sea, sea…

Hi, there!

As you can see, the students of 1st grade of L’Arrabassada have been working on the topic of the sea and its animals.

We started telling the story of Finnie, the fish. It’s the story of a fish that gathers different kind of fish to fight against the Big Shark that scared them every day. It is a very short story, but it has a lot of meaning. It is like “Union makes force”. They could bring this story to their houses to read it with their families, so we are sure that some of you already know it.

In fact, one of the groups wanted to perform the story to you, look at them! They do it fantastic!

After the storytelling, they learned the name of some of the animals of the sea: shark, dolphin, turtle, starfish… They knew the name of more animals than we thought! They are amazing!

So, we did different activities related to these animals and the sea. For example, they created a scaring shark with a clothespin. Look!

The activity they liked the most was doing an experiment. It was about objects that float and sink. So, first of all, they had to look for some objects:

Then, they had to say if they thought they would float or sink and put them into the water to verify it.

Finally, they had to draw the evidences in a template.

They are incredible scientists! As they are great singers… because some of them also learned a song related to the sea and they wanted to show to you how they did it.

The song is A sailor went to sea, sea, sea by Super Simple Songs. Be careful! It is very catchy!

We hope you liked it.

See you soon,

Gemma and Monica