As a lot of you know, the 1st of April is also known as the “April Fools’ Day“. In this day, it’s typical to try and trick your friends in believing things that are not true or “playing practical jokes and hoaxes on each other” (Wikipedia). This day follows very similar traditions to the 28th of December (aka. “El día de los Santos Inocentes“) in Spain.

A lot of companies around the world embrace this celebration and publish false news trying to make people believe they are true. One very nice example of this is the following video that Google has published, pretending they are going to shut YouTube down tonight, and erase all the videos:

Google is not the only company that has tried to prank people. Lockhart Academy has also tried it and it seems we’ve succeeded!

Earlier today we published a story explaining how we had been awarded with “The best English academy in the province of Tarragona”. Well, we have to say it was a hoax. The Cambra de Comerç de Tarragona hasn’t honored us this way (at least not yet…). In fact, there’s no such an award as “La millor acadèmia d’anglès de Tarragona”.

Anyway, we have to say that the response we had from you, our followers and supporters, has been amazing, as always. Shockingly enough, nobody has identified our post as a prank and that makes us proud. You gave for granted that our project was strong enough to win such a prize. We really appreciate your trust and support.

With this prank we wanted to include a little of humor in our lives at the same time that we approached you a tradition widely celebrated in English speaking countries. Also, this time you have devoted to reading both posts has already helped you in improving or refreshing your English (extensive reading).

So, you know, any other year, whenever you read a piece of news in English that sounds “too good to be true”, remember to check the date in the calendar… if it’s the 1st of April, it might not be a true story!


Lockhart Academy

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